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Death Knight Amblem About

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Hi DarkKO;


● We made some changes to the classic medal system you know. When you cut one of the opponents in the Colony District District, the item (Death Knight Skull) comes to your inventory. You can sell this item if you want. or you can collect 5000 items and give it to the [Peddler] Hemes NPC in Maradon, you will receive the 30-Day Death Knight Emblem.


  • Note: Even if you are at the Party, Skull will only come to the player who took Kill.
  • Note 2: Death Knight Skull Can Be Merchant And Trade.


 Death Knight Emblem Properties ; 

  •  +250 HP
  • + 250 MP
  • %3 Attack Power
  • +50 Defance
  • +3 National Point




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